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Paramount Inventories Ltd.

We are a professional independent inventory company, carrying out a fast and effective service. Covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

One of the best ways to minimise the risk of disputes with tenants over the return of deposits at the end of the tenancy is to compile a comprehensive and clear inventory at the start of every tenancy.

This is where we come in....

We send a completed inventory report via email as a PDF, this independently drafted understanding reduces the need for expensive and unnecessary court action.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in April 2007 all deposits taken for assured shorthold tenancies after that date must be registered with an approved scheme.

If a dispute occurs between a landlord and tenant regarding the return of the deposit the scheme will hold back the deposit until the dispute has been resolved.


A fully detailed, clear and independent inventory is therefore vital to prevent issues and disputes arising over the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Rapid Response Service

We are able to return reports within 24 hours enabling our clients to deal with any issues within the time limits imposed by the Tenancy Deposit Services. 

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