At check in, our clerks go through the previous inventory report with the incoming tenant or their rep taking care to explain and answer any questions. This is also a stage where any changes that have taken place in between the inventory and check in are noted. The report is signed off by both parties. 

At check-in, the inventory will detail the current state of the property, including descriptions, age and condition of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing. This helps landlords and letting agents compare the state of the property at check-in and at check-out. Making sure the inventory is written in clear language and defines the terms used to report the condition or cleanliness of the items in the property. It must be clear enough for a third party to understand without them being present.

The NLA recommends that landlords or agents conduct a mid-term and check out/in inspection which can also help resolve any issues and avoid a dispute.

Furnished properties: 

  • We make sure to note down the state of the structural integrity of the beds, such as the bedframe and supports as well as both sides of the mattresses

  • We check to see if the drawers work and are the insides of all drawers and wardrobes clean

  • Check to see if any of the property’s furniture is already damaged, stained, torn or chipped etc.

Paramount Inventories report will also include:

  • Detailed photography

  • Detailed description of condition and damage

  • Meter readings

  • Room overviews

  • Paramount Inventories
  • Paramount Inventories

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